The Clay Pot

The Clay Pot explores the current theme of humanity through contemporary dance and traditional African dance: how do I find my place in Finland and keep my own roots.

The Clay Pot is a work by choreographer Sibiry Konaté of Burkina Faso. This performance ponders how different cultures meet and understand each other. When you come to Finland, silence surprises you, but in the silence, you can learn to know yourself and the other person. In the beginning, there may be feelings of fear, and the unknown causes uncertainty, but at the same time, this all opens up new opportunities. Being reborn in a new environment requires courage and openness. There is dialogue although there is no common language. If contact with other people disappears and humanity evaporates, what is left? In the midst of hustle and competition, conflicts, struggles and fight for finding one’s own place can only arise.

Choreography Sibiry Konaté
Dancers Sibiry Konaté | Mbacke Niang
Musicians Soungalo Mercaux Sanou | Issiaka Dembele

Video Design Jussi Rastas | Sami Lamberg
Sound Design Jarkko Kela
Directors Assistant Annamari Karjalainen
Lighting Design Anttoni Halonen

Tickets 20/15 €


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