Children’s Opera
The Silver Spoon

Pedrillo and Rosina arrive in a small village with their suitcases. A whimsical wind blows the roof off their little bakery, and they are now looking for kitchen items blown away by the wind. Tension builds up between Pedrillo and the village baker Vesuvio when the Silver Spoon cooking competition begins to search for the best baking recipe. Soon, honest competition rules start to get blurred for these rivals. Only when Rosina disappears and the mysterious fortune teller La Luna shows a new direction, the chefs are willing to cooperate. The end result is a delicious cream cake which requires all the skills – but who is the winner?

A rewarding children’s opera for all ages!

Duration 45 min. (no intermission)

Music from i.a. Georges Bizet, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Gioachino Rossini
Performers Anu Hostikka, Juha Hostikka, Ville Salonen and Janne Valkeajoki
Director Erja Alander
Sets and costumes Tarmo Tanttu