• Tue 12.3. at 19
  • Atelier Gallery Kaikkonen
  • 35 € incl. servingBuy ticket


Tue 12.3. at 19
Atelier Gallery Kaikkonen
(Muhoksentie 750, Ylikiiminki)
Tickets 35 € incl. serving
Ticketmaster Suomi across the country. A service fee will be added to the ticket price. Tickets without service fee can be purchased from Oulu 10 -service points and Culture Centre Valve.

Jukka Perko | saxophone
Jarmo Saari | guitar
Teemu Viinikainen | guitar

Faced with the ultimate questions, looking for beauty and truth in music, Avara often ends up finding sceneries that can only be found by getting lost. Still, there is always a deep and sacred core that remains, no matter how wild the interpretation. Courage and humbleness, respect for tradition while searching for something new, scarce and plenty, acoustic and electric. Accepting the strength of these opposite forces, the trio presents listeners with a window looking into something touching and out of ordinary, everyday life.

Salmon and wild mushroom soup
Homemade rieska bread