Thu 21.3. at 19
Valvesali (Hallituskatu 7, Oulu)
Tickets 20/15 €
Ticketmaster Suomi across the country. A service fee will be added to the ticket price. Tickets without service fee can be purchased from Oulu 10 -service points and Culture Centre Valve.

Duration 60 min (no intermission)

JOUEZ! – Travelling with Molière introduces Molière’s main plays in an hour. The performance is composed of acts from Molière’s plays The Imaginary Invalid, Tartuffe, The Miser, The Misanthrope, The School for Wives, Don Juan, The Learned Ladies, The Affected Young Ladies, and The Versailles Impromptu. Rich music from that era adds another layer to this exquisite performance and is something that always played a significant role in Molière’s works. Composers are Molière’s cooperation partners Jean-Baptiste Lully and Marc-Antoine Charpentier, as well as the most important French baroque-era harpsichord composers Louis Couperin, Jean-Henry d’Anglebert, François Couperin and Jean-Babtiste Forqueray. In this performance, Molière tackles many sides of humanity and especially well-known weaknesses of people through comedic means, which are sometimes razor-sharp and anarchistic. This performance for an acting harpsichord player is created through the cooperation of Elina Mustonen, Johanna Freundlich and Nina Mansikka.

On Stage: Elina Mustonen
Dramaturgy and direction: Johanna Freundlich
Visualization: Nina Mansikka
Music: Elina Mustonen