• Wed 8.5. at 20
  • Vanha Paloasema Bar
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Wed 8.5. at 20
Vanha Paloasema Bar
Tickets 15/10 €
Jazz 20 ry members 10 €
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Jere Haakana Varjosto is a rock-influenced jazz band, for- med in 2016. In this band’s music, strong character-com- positions and film-like sound scenes link to a more reacti- vely improvising jazz-tradition-based band- playing style and rhythmic energy. A composition focus and band’s electric guitar tradition give hues which make this band’s music even more approachable for an audience which is less familiar with traditional, all-acoustic jazz ensembles. Varjosto will publish their first album in the spring.

Jere Haakana | guitar
Artturi Rönkä | piano, keyboards
Juho Kivivuori | bass
Ville Pynssi | drums

In cooperation with Jazz 20 ry, Jazz Finland