• Fri 13/3 at 19
  • Cultural Centre Valve
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Jay Gilligan & Pekka Kuusisto

Fri 13/3 at 19
Cultural Centre Valve, Valvesali
(Hallituskatu 7)
Tickets 25/20 €
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Duration approx. 60 min

Jay Gilligan and Pekka Kuusisto are both artists, who have expanded the range of opportunities for their own fields with an open-minded attitude. The American Jay Gilligan is one of the most creative and successful jugglers in the world. Pekka Kuusisto is known as an exceptionally versatile and broad-minded musician, who feels at home both as a soloist for violin concertos and as in the midst of electronic music.

During their cooperation which has lasted well over a decade, Gilligan and Kuusisto have explored movement and music with an open mind. Sources for the sounds and music have ranged from a chamber music orchestra to the sounds of a vacuum cleaner. Performances for this duo include both fully planned and improvised material, and their expression moves between being fully focused and just fooling around.

Jay Gilligan | juggling
Pekka Kuusisto | violin

One hour before the performance DJ Yrjö Henrikki plays music in Café Konst o. Deli.

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