• Wed 13.2. at 20
  • Vanha Paloasema Bar
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Wed 13.2. at 20
Vanha Paloasema Bar
(Kauppurienkatu 24)
Tickets 15/10 €
Jazz 20 ry members 10 €
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Gourmet, founded in 1997, is one of the oldest Finnish jazz bands. In April 2018, the band published its fourth album, which, as their previous albums, includes compositions by founders Mikko Innanen and Esa Onttonen. From the start, the band has tried to avoid tight categorisation. In reviews, the new ”En garde” album has been said to include elements of instrumental rock, schlager, Parisian café atmosphere, the Wild West thematic and Balkan windpipe sound. ”In Finland, Gourmet is in a league of their own,” wrote Helsingin Sanomat in their five-star review of the album.

Mikko Innanen | saxophone
Esa Onttonen | guitar
Ilmari Pohjola | trombone
Harri Kuusijärvi | accordion
Petri Keskitalo | tuba
Mika Kallio | drums

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