• Tue 22/9 at 10 and 12.30
  • Cultural Centre Valve
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Children’s Opera

Tue 22/9 at 10 and 12.30
Cultural Centre Valve, Valvesali
(Hallituskatu 7)
Tickets 10 €
Group ticket 7 € / person (minimum 6 persons, not through internet sales)
Ticketmaster Suomi across the country. Service fee will be added to the ticket price. Tickets without the service fee can be purchased from Oulu10 Service Points and Cultural Centre Valve.

Duration approx 60 min
Age recommendation: 5+

Gioachino Rossini’s Cinderella is a popular classic, a fairy story known by everyone. It is a touching and educational tale which is now packaged in the most beautiful and humoristic musical format. There is now a shortened one-hour-long family version of Rossini’s Cinderella. This new and fresh version offers a fun and life-embracing young girl’s growth story, in which understanding, love and forgiveness win in the end. The story handles important, modern themes such as diversity, bullying, discrimination and pressure to look good. This compelling and funny performance is full of joyful surprises and unexpected events. One hour spent together with light-hearted and fun classical music just flies by!

Cinderella: Suvi Larjamo
Prince Ramiro: Ville Salonen
Dandini: Vikke Häkkinen
Don Magnifico: Veli-Pekka Väisänen
Alidoro: Ronnie Karlsson
Clorinda: Linda Rolig
Tisbe: Outi Pekkarinen
Director: Anselmi Hirvonen
Piano ja music lead: Laura Kivikoski
Stage and dress: Hanna Hakkarainen
Finnish song lyrics: Hannu Heikkilä