• Sat 14/3 at 18
  • Oulu Theatre
    Pikisali (Age 18+)
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Sat 14/3 at 18
Oulu Theatre, Pikisali (Kaarlenväylä 2)
Tickets 24/20,5 € (Age 18+)
Ticketmaster Suomi across the country.

Duration approx. 2 h (incl. intermission)

There is no sign of staleness often associated with choir music when Cassiopeia from Oulu is joined by one of the most interesting a cappella groups in Finland, the Musta lammas choir from Helsinki. Musta lammas has also gained recognition abroad. During the evening, the audience will hear pop music from Finnish and foreign artists, including music from Cassiopeia’s PMMP project. Arrangements for all the songs in this concert are tailor-made for these artists. This concert will offer a stunning and impressive show, which will bring out the energy, open-mindedness and skills from both the groups. 

lead by Kristian Heberg

Musta lammas
lead by Ida Olsonen

In cooperation with
Cassiopeia, Musta lammas and Oulu Theatre