• Fr. 23.3. at 19
  • Vanha Paloasema Bar
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Lauri Porra Flyover Ensemble

Brockowitz, the duo of Zach Brock and Phil Markowitz, serves the audience American jazz and contemporary music inspired by their backgrounds. Both these musicians are strongly influenced by their family backgrounds and genetics; Brock from the Appalaches and Markowitz from Eastern Europe. The moods of Lauri Porra’s Flyover Ensemble move from explosive rock expression and somewhat arrogant solo performances to clear cinematic shades. Every now and then, even minimalistic and contemplative interpretation is heard. The evening starts with the rhythm music masterclass bands.

Master Class Bands at 19

Brockowitz at 21
Zach Brock (USA) violin
Phil Markowitz (USA) piano

Lauri Porra Flyover Ensemble at 22.30
Lauri Porra bass
Mikko Kosonen guitar
Aki Rissanen keyboards
Juho Viljanen trombone
Ville Pynssi drums