• Sat 13.4. at 20
  • Vanha Paloasema Bar
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Almqvist + Schlosser +
Welin + Lukkarinen

Sat 13.4. at 20
Vanha Paloasema Bar (Kauppurienkatu 24)
Tickets 15/10 €
Jazz 20 ry members 10 €
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Karl-Martin Almqvist (Swe), Axel Schlosser (Ger), Mattias Welin (Swe) and Jaska Lukkarinen (Fin) have done what jazz musicians have been doing for the past 100 years… they have formed a band and will publish their first album under JASKAA label in the spring of 2019. Schlosser is known for not only his own projects but also as the solo trumpetist of the FR Big Band. Almqvist is the number one tenor saxophonist in Sweden. Mattias Welin represents Swedish tradition-aware top bass playing, and Lukkarinen, in turn, is known from, for instance, his drums playing in the Ricky-Tick Big Band. Free swing is just what they promise, a liberating force of the swing! The groovy comping duo of the bassist Welin and drummer Lukkarinen create a playing ground for the saxophonist Almqvist and the trumpetist Schlosser, a playing ground where everything is possible and nothing is forbidden.

Karl-Martin Almqvist | tenor saxophone
Axel Schlosser | trumpet
Mattias Welin | bass
Jaska Lukkarinen | drums