Oulu Music Festival

Oulu Music Festival

Oulu Music Festival is an annual music festival organized by the Oulu Music Festival Foundation. The festival fills the city with international and national artist guests. The program of the music festival includes an extensive book of classical and rhythm music concerts, as well as co-productions that also feature contemporary circus and dance.

OMF Team

Elena-Mindru-Turunen OMJ Toimitusjohtaja

Elena Mîndru-Turunen


Master of Music, jazz singer Elena Mîndru-Turunen has been the CEO of the Oulu Music Festival Foundation since January 2021.

”Oulu has had a special place in my heart since I was performing here for the first time. As CEO, I want to continue to preserve the position of our festival on the Finnish music field as one of the highlights of the year”

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Mari Palo OMJ taiteellinen johtaja tiimi 2022

Mari Palo

Artistic Director

"I am really happy about the upcoming position as the artistic director of the Oulu Music Festival and I look forward to planning the program together with another artistic director, Jukka Perko. Oulu's cultural offer has always been of a high standard and Oulu is very inspiring as a city. Like my predecessors, I want to continue to offer high-quality concerts to Oulu residents, and I hope that we can reach more and more new listeners as well. What better way to nourish the soul than to come and enjoy music!"

Jukka Perkko Oulun Musiikkijuhlat | Oulun musiikkijuhlasäätiö

Jukka Perko​

Artistic Director

  • “It is a great honor to be involved in carrying out this wonderful event as an artistic director. I believe that with the whole Oulu Music Festival team, we will be able to continue and develop the great tradition of the event and to offer exciting concerts in the future as well! Over the years, I have played at the Oulu Music Festival numerous times, and it is always great to return to Oulu. ”
  • Ruusa 2022

    Ruusa Portaankorva

    Production assistant

    I joined the team shortly before the 2022 festival. I have a bachelor's degree in economics. Having been visiting the concerts of the music festival for several years, it has been interesting to get to see what the festival really has to offer.

    It has been great to get involved in assisting with diverse productions and working with professionals in the industry! I am a barefoot from Oulu and it is great to be involved in creating concert experiences for Oulu residents, and of course for others.

    Toni ja Anne FinnsAway tiimi 2022 1

    Toni & Anne


    A digital nomad couple who travels to Oulu each year to work in the festival, and also assists the organization year-round as freelancers from abroad. Tasks during the festival focus on logistics, acting as a concert secretary, designing brochures and general festival staffing. Outside the festival, the duo takes care of e.g. content creation, website maintenance and marketing tasks.

    "We have been involved in the organization of the Oulu Music Festival for almost ten years now, and are always really happy to come to Oulu to work in an effective team and with great artists."

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