Endorsement Association of Oulu Music Festival

The endorsement association was founded in 1991 to support Oulu Music Festival and the education events organized by the festival.

Join the association

Person 20 €/calendar year
Organization 100 €/calendar year

How to join?

1. Pay your membership fee to the account of the endorsement association of Oulu Music Festival FI39 5741 4020 0708 89 (Receiver: Oulun Musiikkijuhlien Kannatusyhdistys ry)

2. Pay 20 €/person OR 100€/organization

3. Write a message to the transaction: Membership fee 2016 and your full name – if you are paying for someone else, write: Membership fee 2016 and his/hers name.
*Note! When you join now, you'll get the membership for the year 2016!

4. Send your contact information (email, phone number and postal address) to: kannatusyhdistys(at)omj.fi. Remember to let us know if your contact information change.

Remember that the membership is valid only a calendar year at a time!

The association offers to it's members e.g.:
- the possibility to book tickets to Oulu Music Festival for special price
- current information of the events and activity of Oulu Music Festival
- the official program of Oulu Music Festival mailed to your home address

The Board of Endorsement Association of Oulu Music Festival in 2016

Tiina Niiranen chairman of the board
Maria Portaankorva vice chairman, chairman of the board of Oulun Music Festival Foundation
Riitta Karjarinta member
Minna Parkkinen member
Anne-Maj Suhonen member

You'll find the endorsement association also from Facebook.